Communing With the Future and Safeguarding the Nuclear Crypt

The most meaningful message we might be able to transmit to future humans is an apology, and well wishes that they have continued to survive and thrive despite our transgressions against them. In the desert wastelands of western North America, a curious observer might sight mysterious formations of lights hanging in the night sky, tracing... Continue Reading →


The MegaCorps of Spaceflight 2014

Like the monolithic and infallible Weyland-Yutani of the Alien and Predator film/media franchise, modern day spaceflight is reserved for the political superpowers of Earth and the associated mega-corporations that dominate the technologies and capabilities of spaceflight. Low-cost, democratized spaceflight accessible to all citizens of Earth has long been a dream of space pioneers since even... Continue Reading →

The Neutrality of Technology

The bolt spins into the mounting hole with precise rotations as blood seeps up from the skin under the neural interface computer. Max Da Costa, former car thief and ex-convict turned factory worker has a powered exoskeleton suit fixed to his body giving him super-human strength. In the dystopian Los Angeles of 2154 life is... Continue Reading →

Inspiration for the Future of Space

“Anything that one man is capable of imagining, other men will be capable of making a reality” – Jules Verne The technological marvel that is the Nautilus from Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” compared to the massive nuclear powered submarines that roam Earth’s oceans today provides an excellent example of a science fiction... Continue Reading →

Utopia, Dystopia and Cyberpunk reality

"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed." - William Gibson, 1993 Our world is in constant tension between the utopia envisioned by optimistic forward thinkers, and the dystopian reality of human survival and the lengths at which an individual will go to achieve what they can within their limited mortal... Continue Reading →

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