Visualization of Solar System Objects

This interactive visualization was created using Tableau. All known objects with a radius greater than 400 km are represented along a logarithmic scale of their orbital semi-major axis (heliocentric distance in AU). The slider at the bottom allows you to select a range of heliocentric distances to zoom in on. Hovering your mouse cursor over... Continue Reading →


Lunar Artifacts Map

I created this map using Tableau several years ago to practice using the software. The data came from the "Catalogue of Manmade Material on the Moon" (pdf) compiled by NASA's History Program Office.      

Folk Cartography

Deep and narrow streets of the old cities weave their way between the ancient buildings towering above. Here the air is thick with ages of human memory, hanging stagnant within the cobblestone alleys and swirling around church1 spires. These memories drift above the distant hills1 and are buried deep within the churned soil of fields1... Continue Reading →

Perspectives Of Our Neighborhood

This image of Earth was released today (July 20, 2015), taken by DSCOVR (Deep Space Climate Observatory), the spacecraft formerly known as Triana or GoreSat. (Read the press release here) DSCOVR's primary task is to observe solar wind properties, being positioned at the Sun-Earth L1 Lagrangian point. This new image got me thinking about the... Continue Reading →

Terraforming Earth with Synthetic Biology

In their paper “Synthetic circuit designs for Earth terraformation,” Ricard Sole, Raul Montanez and Salvador Duran-Nebreda posit a novel systems-approach design for synthetic organisms (synths) to be used for reversing human impacts on Earth's climate systems. This work was conducted by the authors at the ICREA Complex Systems Lab at the Pompeu Fabra University in... Continue Reading →

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