Structure From Motion With A Toy Drone

RC Drone: UDI R/C U845 Voyager and Android app Software used: VisualSFM Sample Images:


Blue Marble in Tableau

Before the awe-inspiring photograph of the Pale Blue Dot, and the more recent image of an evening “star” in the Martian sky, the crew of Apollo 17 captured our home world in The Blue Marble (AS17-148-22727). Possibly the most reproduced photograph in human history, this piece of “viz art” I created using Tableau Public adds... Continue Reading →

Spacecraft Habitable Volumes, Mission Duration

Currently reading Out of this World: The New Field of Space Architecture by A. Scott Howe and Brent Sherwood and wanted to reproduce a chart that they made: I included more instances of historic inhabited spacecraft than the original chart (above), as well as inhabited spacecraft that were docked to each other, combining their habitable... Continue Reading →

The 3D Web with JanusVR

I recently discovered this project, JanusVR, yet another iteration of attempting to develop a 3D web.Using a markup language that sits easily within HTML, (also with my familiarity of the similar X3D and VRML) it was easy enough to write a simple virtual space and populate it with some objects. Editing within the JanusVR browser... Continue Reading →

Terraforming Earth with Synthetic Biology

In their paper “Synthetic circuit designs for Earth terraformation,” Ricard Sole, Raul Montanez and Salvador Duran-Nebreda posit a novel systems-approach design for synthetic organisms (synths) to be used for reversing human impacts on Earth's climate systems. This work was conducted by the authors at the ICREA Complex Systems Lab at the Pompeu Fabra University in... Continue Reading →

The MegaCorps of Spaceflight 2014

Like the monolithic and infallible Weyland-Yutani of the Alien and Predator film/media franchise, modern day spaceflight is reserved for the political superpowers of Earth and the associated mega-corporations that dominate the technologies and capabilities of spaceflight. Low-cost, democratized spaceflight accessible to all citizens of Earth has long been a dream of space pioneers since even... Continue Reading →

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