Exospheric Effects of Lunar Industrialization

The Moon has an impermanent hold on its tenuous atmosphere. Its relatively weak gravity (1.62 m s-2), one sixth of Earth’s, struggles to hold onto the gas species that do exist in its exosphere environment. Though the Moon readily contributes gasses to its exosphere, external forces strip these away into a streaming tail. Fine dust... Continue Reading →


Communing With the Future and Safeguarding the Nuclear Crypt

The most meaningful message we might be able to transmit to future humans is an apology, and well wishes that they have continued to survive and thrive despite our transgressions against them. In the desert wastelands of western North America, a curious observer might sight mysterious formations of lights hanging in the night sky, tracing... Continue Reading →

Utopia, Dystopia and Cyberpunk reality

"The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed." - William Gibson, 1993 Our world is in constant tension between the utopia envisioned by optimistic forward thinkers, and the dystopian reality of human survival and the lengths at which an individual will go to achieve what they can within their limited mortal... Continue Reading →

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