Visualization of Solar System Objects

This interactive visualization was created using Tableau. All known objects with a radius greater than 400 km are represented along a logarithmic scale of their orbital semi-major axis (heliocentric distance in AU).

The slider at the bottom allows you to select a range of heliocentric distances to zoom in on. Hovering your mouse cursor over an object will show additional information.

(click the image above for the interactive chart)

Planets with moons or co-orbiting objects are lined up vertically (sharing the same heliocentric distance). These are listed from top the bottom in order of the Galilean naming convention (e.g. Jupiter I = Io, Jupiter II = Europa, Jupiter III = Ganymede, Jupiter IV = Callisto) excluding objects with a radius < 400 km.

Also note that the size of the circles representing these objects are not to scale.

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